Distance healing

Distance healing is an powerful energetic healing modality. It is often considered by experts in the field, to be more effective in many cases than the traditional hands on  therapy versions, such as BCST and Healing/Therapeutic  touch.  With distance healing it is unnecessary for the practioner and client to be in the same physical location. So how does distance healing work?  (More)  

Healing Energy sent across time and space.

Touch of Grace -

Why alternative?

Often alternative therapy is not tried until after medical options has been exhausted.  Clients looking for more improvement and relief from symptoms, without the worry of potentially dangerous side effects will give alternative healing a try. Although we would never discourage someone from seeking out and/or continuing medical treatment distance healing has been reported to  make a wonderful complimentary and even a stand alone solution.  

Energy Blockages

There is a strong growing consensus that most problems to our physical health begin first as a blockage in the energy fields of the body. Trauma, worry, stress, fear, anger, emotional hurts, betrayals or other negative belief if not cleared from the energetic field, eventually migrate inward and creates blockages of chi. When layered and sufficiently blocked, the energy becomes stagnate and backs up. When this happens, the body soon expresses this as symptoms and disease.